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Welcome to Piper Products, manufacturers of Super Systems ovens and the Piper line of bakery, food service and institutional equipment for over 40 years. We are excited to announce that we have acquired the Elite and Reflections cafeteria and buffet serving systems, including SECOtainer and other support equipment formerly manufactured by the SECO Products Corporation.

Piper Products is an industry leader in aluminum and stainless steel food transport equipment. For over 40 years, we've responded to customer needs in every variety of bakery and food service application. Whether you handle large numbers of meal trays in an industrial setting - or operate the local corner bakery - chances are you'll know Piper.

At Piper Products, you'll find a product line that is highly practical, functional, and rugged. From our heavy-duty transport cabinets to our 200 pound capacity 3-shelf carts , bread racks , heated holding cabinets and meal tray carts , every Piper product is made for durability and lasting performance, even in the most punishing applications.

And here's the Piper Difference. From our rolled-edge base and double-pan top to the fully-welded corners and highly polished finish, Piper Products has set the industry standard.

Our high manufacturing standards includes tie bars for stability, heavy duty hinges, side door latches that keep the door open and out of the way, and sturdy tray supports - using one-eigth inch thick aluminum sheeting, heavy-duty casters and 12 gauge reinforcing caster channels, we create a base for our products that we can say with pride, is the strongest in the industry.

Our heated, holding and proofing cabinets include the exclusive Aero-Heat system. Aero-Heat uses precise temperature and humidity controls to blanket your product with even temperature and moisture throughout the cabinet, creating the perfect warming environment. Most importantly, the Aero-Heat system delivers peak product flavor and presentation every time.

Super Systems
The names "Piper" and "Super Systems" have become synonymous throughout the years. Adding heat to the fire of Piper's food service equipment, Super Systems can accommodate all your baking needs, whether they're small, large or in-between.

Select from several oven/proofer combinations from Super Systems that give you the flexibility you need in the floor space you have. Choose single or double-oven configurations and bake using anywhere from two to eight pans! Our versatile baking systems allow you to bake right on the deck for your cracker-crust pizza and European style crusty breads, or the ability to use sheet pans for your french rolls, baguettes, muffins and cookies. Plus, easy, reliable proofing gives you beautiful baked product for years to come.

Rely on Super Systems for superior baking quality every time. You'll get precision "hearth" bake for a wide range of products, with radiant heat to ensure even baking, steam injection for crusty breads and no moving air to dry out your product.

And only Super Systems offers Cool Touch Technology - an integrated heat shield reducing oven door surface temperature to 100 degrees. The heat stays in the oven where it belongs, not in the kitchen!

We know your baking operation has to be an efficient one. That's why we offer the sizes and types of ovens that require less floor space, keep the same baking capacity, use less energy, have no moving parts that can break down, and require less maintenance too.

Super Systems flexibility, superior baking, and efficient operation make us the "hottest" choice for today's baking and cooking applications. Ask us about a customized deck and convection ovens and proofers, Lazy Susan style barbecue machines , free standing or portable food warmers , bake shops and more. That's superior versatility... Only from Piper Products' line of Super Systems.

Elite & Reflections
Elite is now the Piper premier line of cafeteria and buffet serving equipment . We are known for the flexibility of our modular design, "L", "U", or "T" shaped line-ups . Durability and interlocking mechanisms are just a few of the features available for your hospital, institution, school or country-club space utilization . Elite comes in a "petite" height, for elementary schools, multiple color options, plus protector guards, tray slides, skirting... every option to better equip your facility. Piper's wide selection, attention to detail and quality construction provide you the means to fit precisely the serving line you need.

Piper now also brings you the quality and look of fiberglass to your cafe or buffet with its acclaimed Reflections line. The fiberglass body is dent proof, offers ease of cleaning, durability and scuff resistance. The modular, interlocking design provides ultimate flexibility as menus change. Top surfaces are made of rugged, heavy duty 14-gauge stainless steel for better long-term wear. Reflections offers Fiberglass with "pizzazz!"

And Piper Products offers the support equipment to complete your tray makeup system. Conveyors, holding and heating cabinets , tray delivery carts , heated tray and plate dispensers - even support equipment such as pans, shelving, ingredient bins, reject carts, and portable mixer stands . All this combined with the exciting addition of the Elite and Reflections cafeteria and buffet systems , make Piper your complete institutional vendor source.

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