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Reduced Energy Consumption

Patented heat transmission system leads to faster temperature rise, better oven performance with lower consumption of energy and water. Standard Feature

Retractable Shower and Shut off Valve

Automatic retraction of hose with closing tap for better accessibility. Available Option

Double-opening Door Handle

Facilitates opening even when your hands are full. Standard Feature

Better Cavity Lighting

Built in lighting between the door and heat shield allows for easy accessibility, and better cavity lighting. The extra large glass window offers maximum viewing during the cooking process. Standard Feature

WCS(Washing Combi System)

The fastest and most effective combi cleaning cycle in the industry. A single component provides detergent, rinse aid, and anti scale product in one practical, inexpensive formula. Available Option

External Socket For Meat Probes

For using both standard and needle type probes. The socket is located on the outside of the unit allowing for the probe to be installed or removed without being burned. Standard Feature

The Piper Difference

Preheat the Oven with a single key

Preheat early and save time later. With the touch of a button the Chef System Combi will automatically preheat and maintain cabinet temperature until you are ready to begin cooking. Standard Feature

Auto Clima

Auto Clima provides precise humidity control for all cooking applications. Automatically maintain the proper climate; from Delta T and Sous Vide, to Regeneration and Banquet Presentation. Standard Feature

Easy Cleaning System

Quick connector for easy activation,cleaning and spotless hygiene. Available Option

External Probe Connections

Easily switch between the Multi Point and Sous Vide probes. The socket is located on the outside of the unit allowing either probe to be installed or removed without being burned. Standard Feature

Fast Dry

The new frontier in cooking au gratin, frying, and browning, Fast Dry provides rapid humidity evacuation. Whether you choose fully automatic cooking with the ICS or traditional manual cooking with Fast Dry, you can achieve perfect results time and time again. Standard Feature



Thanks to the USB connection, Chefs can download recipes, programs, HACCP data, and even update software to suit their requirements, whenever they like. Standard Feature


Auto Reversing 6 speed Fan

Targeted ventilation for any cooking process. This provides even results in browning and baking. Additionally, the fan features a Half Powered Intermittent setting ideal for Sous Vide cooking. Standard Feature


Liquid crystal display (LCD) & "Touch Screen" technology.

Programmability of 400 cooking programs (15 cycles each) with displayed recipe name. (X Controls)

Recipe Library and Favorites

Store more than 300 recipes with multi step processes in alphabetical order, or simply scroll through the Favorites section which can accommodate 5 pages of 10 recipes at a glance. Use the page up and down button to simply highlight and begin cooking a popular recipe at the touch of one button. The Chef System can also be programmed to operate only in Favorites mode ensuring exact recipe production every time.

Multi Level Cooking

Features shelf timers for available shelves within the oven cabinet. Timers can be used with Core Temperature Probe or Time and switch between each mode intermittently. Multiple Probes can be used. JIT (Just In Time) cooking will alert the operator when to load additional products for complete meal service in unison.

Modify The Recipe

Over 400 tested and saved recipes from the ICS (Interactive Cooking System) can be modified to meet your exact preferences. By constantly displaying the current cabinet temperature versus the programmed cycles, it is simple to add time or more browning, even at the end of a complete cooking cycle.


Programmable Maintenance

As a function of the Tools menu, the operator may input data pertinent to regional water quality. The Chef System Combi will then automatically analyze and request De-Liming based on these parameters. If the boiler is not de-scaled within 14 days, the unit will automatically activate Boiler Bypass, switching to a Standard, built in Direct Injection system indefinitely. The automated De-liming process is easily completed by adding chemical into the threaded inlet cap on the top of the unit.

Combi Accessories

Boiler - Gas

Boiler - Electric

Boilerless - Gas

Boilerless - Electric


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