Ideal for kitchen, bakery, freezer and meat applications.

The Piper Difference

Superior Piper-Engineered Base

The strongest foundation in the industry

Two 14-gauge aluminized steel reinforcing caster channels eliminate twisting, .125"-thick aluminum bottom panel (.080" on Angle Rack). Rolled edge acts as a built-in bumper. Fully welded corners

Heavy-duty Casters

5" x 1-1/4" sealed wheels, 350 lbs. capacity, Maximum resistance to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohol, water and steam, Maximum low temperature flexibility for superior performance, even in freezing temperatures. Optional 5" x 2" size available.

Durable Corner Supports

All sides fully welded

Extruded three-sided channel support, .190"-thick gussets.

Continuous Weld

An extra measure for extra strength

Fully welded along entire edge of glides. No gaps to promote bacterial growth.

Tie Bars

For added rigidity and stability

Two 1/2" aluminum rods keep racks square.

Sturdy Tray Supports

Reliable performance under strain

1" x 2" .080"-thick aluminum extruded glides. Welded on front and back to the frame.

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  Spec Sheet Econoline Racks Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Nesting Racks Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Glass Racks Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Oval Tray Racks Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Wide Channel Guide Racks
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  Spec Sheet Wide Angle Guide Lug Rack
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  Spec Sheet Can Storage Racks
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  Spec Sheet Multi-Purpose Transport & Drying Rack
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  Spec Sheet Angle Rack Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Angle Guide Racks
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  Spec Sheet Angle Guide Racks Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Channel Racks Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Closed Side Racks Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Angle Guide Roll-In Racks SERIES RIA (For Refrigerators or Freezers)
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  Spec Sheet Universal Angle Rack Aluminum
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  Spec Sheet Universal Wide Angle Guide Rack SERIES UW
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  Rack Assembly Instructions
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  Rack Mini
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  Section I - All Rack Spec Sheets
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