We build products that fit your plan with details that:

  • Ease installation
  • Ensure sizing & electrical compatibility
  • Deliver reliable, trouble-free performance
  • Simplify upkeep and maintenance

The Piper Difference


Choose between infinite or thermostatic temperature control. Pilot lamps standard.

Piper Locks

Solid, secure clamps speed installation. Easy removal for servicing if needed.

Heated Plate Dispensers

Equipped with 120- volt, 60-cycle single-phase tubular heater and thermostat mounted in base of dispenser. Lighted on/off switch. Heated models equipped with 4-foot cord set and NEMA 5-15 or 5-30 plug.

Piper Offers a comprehensive line including both drop-ins and built-ins. Our equipment installs smoothly, integrates seamlessly, and delivers years of reliable trouble-free performance.


Filename Description Date Added File Size
  Spec Sheet Multiple Well Hot Drop-Ins Angled Flange Top
06.2008 348.9 KB
  Hot/Cold Drop-In
10.2018 1.03 MB
  Drop-In Mini
09.2017 2.8 MB
  Spec Sheet Multiple Well Hot Drop-Ins 90 Degree Turn Down Top with Locks
06.2008 247.4 KB
  Spec Sheet Drop-In Souffle & Cup Dispensers
06.2008 128.5 KB
  Spec Sheet Drop-In Napkin Dispensers
06.2008 131.6 KB
  Spec Sheet Drop-In or Built-In Tray Dispenser
06.2008 270.3 KB
  Spec Sheet Drop-In or Built-In Cup & Glass Dispenser
06.2008 163.9 KB
  Spec Sheet Heated Cup & Saucer Dispensers
06.2008 299.6 KB
  Spec Sheet Egg Dispenser
06.2008 139.9 KB
  Spec Sheet Hot Food Wells Built-In Bottom-Mount Built-in
06.2008 382.6 KB
  Spec Sheet Hot Food Wells Drop-In Top-Mounted Drop-In with Locks
06.2008 681.9 KB
  Spec Sheet Round Well Drop-In
06.2008 319.4 KB
  Spec Sheet Beef Ala Carte
06.2008 155.7 KB
  Multiple Cold Drop-Ins
04.2016 419.2 KB
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