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The Piper Difference

Ultra Violet Ozone Sterilization (Optional)

Software for monitoring systems (Optional)

Full Range Offering from countertop to 3 rack roll in

HACCP Time and Temperature Printer (Optional)

Glycol Coolant (Optional)

Monoblock construction with 3.5" sealed insulation. Remote compressor options for select models

Heated Core Probe

Heated Core ProbeAll models have a key for heating thecore probe needle. This is needed when you have to extract the core from a frozen product. The timed heating device gives instant and perfect extraction each time after freezing. Optional Heated Core Temperature Probe with 4 reading points also available.


Handle-free doors, with doorpull along the whole height of the actual door. This facilitates reversing door opening (right and left) whilst guaranteeing the facility of the grip and more thorough cleaning.

Piper's Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer is an indispensable kitchen appliance for forward-thinking businesses. The stainless steel freezer offers soft and hard chilling for light and dense products, indirect air flow, shock freezing capability with air as low as -40°F, integrated sterilization and is P.C. compatible / NAFEM data protocol compliant. Only Piper's equipment has the advantage of FoodSafeTM technology-ensuring cold food is kept below 40°F to prevent bacterial growth and ensure HACCP compliance (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

Minimizing bacterial risk, this cooling efficient system rapidly chills food from 140°F to 40°F in two hours or less, unlike walk-in coolers, and is ideal for preserving foods served or prepared daily such as meat, soups, sauces, recipe ingredients or salads. The shock freezing capability also freezes food from 140°F to 0°F in two hours or less using temperatures as low as -40°F degrees to reduce ice crystal formation and food cell damage. Fast freezing can be applied to cakes, pastries, sushi and more.

Considering many foods are prepared in advance, a Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer is essential for saving time, energy, preserving quality and enhancing efficiencies.

Filename Description Date Added File Size
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers ABM 023
06.2008 485.3 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR C42 / RCM C42: Tunnel Type
06.2008 690.6 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR C82 / RCM C82: Tunnel Type
06.2008 698.2 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR 051 / RCM 051
06.2008 544.2 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR 081 / RCM 081
06.2008 739.1 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR 121 / RCM 121
06.2008 739.5 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR 012 / RCM 012
06.2008 740.3 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR 161 / RCM 161
06.2008 739 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR 122 / RCM 122
06.2008 740.6 KB
  Spec Sheet Shock Freezers/Blast Chillers RCR C20 / RCM C20: Room Type
06.2008 683.8 KB
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