Piper Products Inc
  • Temperature Controlled Airflow Custom Food Bars

    R&D Fixtures is at the forefront when it comes to customization to match your branded decor - whether it be a salad or soup bar to coordinate within existing equipment or a complete new layout to bring cafe style food service to your customers.

  • Temperature Controlled Airflow Temperature Controlled Airflow

    The food is cooled by a precisely controlled air flow pattern that maintains the temperature within the cabinet, even though the customer side is open for self service.

  • Piper's MultipurposeCombi Steamer Piper's MultipurposeCombi Steamer

    The stainless steel oven offers an energy-efficient, quiet heat transmission system and a fan that moderates air pressure and flow to ensure even cooking.

  • State-Of-The-Art Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer State-Of-The-Art Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer

    Piper's new Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer is an indispensable kitchen appliance for forward-thinking businesses.

  • Superior Engineering& Quality Superior Engineering& Quality Piper's Anliker products are Swiss made. They have four step hand ground edge blades. They maximize juice, vitamin, and nutrient retention.
  • R&D Fixtures

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    R&D Fixtures

    • Salad Bars & Olive Bars
    • Hot Food & Soup Bars
    • Packaged Food Merchandisers
    • Food Prep Cases
    • Bakery Cases
    • Millwork, Point Of Sale Counters
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  • Anliker

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    Anliker Vegetable Cutters

    • From 150 to 1000 meal capacities
    • Cubing/Brunoise/Gaufrette/Shredding
    • Slicing/Dicing/& Even Julienne
    • Lowers Food Cuts with Maximum Yield
    • Easy to Clean
    • No switch operation, motor & gear assembly Maintainance Free
    • Swiss Made
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  • BBQ Machines

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    BBQ Machines

    • Perfect For Convenient Stores and Deli's. /li>
    • Lazy Susan Design reduces loading & unloading time
    • Revolving Racks provide excellent merchandising
    • No Heavy Spits or Baskets, product cooks on motorized Lazy Susan
    • Available with or without Warmer Base
    • Flexible! Can cook 18 Chickens, or 9 10lb Hams or Turkeys, or 30lbs of Spare Ribs or a 75lb Roast
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  • Blast Chillers
    & Shock Freezers

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    Blast Chillers & Shock Freezers

    • Stainless Steel Freezer offers soft & hard chilling
    • Shock Freezing Capabilities -Air as low as -40°F, integrated sterilization & is P.C. compatible / NAFEM Data Protocol Compliant
    • Cooling efficient system rapidly chills food from 140°F to 40°F in two hours or less
    • Fast freezing can be applied to Cakes, Pastries, Sushi & more
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  • Healthcare

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    • Aluminum Delivery Carts are quiet and solid and fully welded.
    • Push Handle, Drain, 270 degree Door Swing, Heavy-Duty Casters & Rolled Edge to act as Bumper
    • Many other Healthcare Tray Make-up & Delivery Equipment options available
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  • Air Curtain

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    Air Curtain Refrigerator

    • Food remains at safe temperature even with doors open for extended periods
    • Bulk Foods, in Pans or on Trays, are conveniently stored on the provided Removable Tray Slides
    • Frame, Liner, Exterior & Door Constructed of fully welded Stainless Steal
    • Available as Mobile or Stationary
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  • Cabinets

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    • Piper's Cabinets offer the strongest double plan top in the industry
    • Lexan full-view doors, Dutch Doors, Push Handles, Personalized Embossment, & 12-pan stackable units, to heavy-duty transport, & functional display cabinets
    • Available as Mobile or Stationary
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  • Cabinets:
    Heating & Holding

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    Cabinets: Heating & Holding

    • Durable Stainless Steel Holding Cabinets
    • Maintains temperatures up to 225°F
    • Controls can easily be accessed without opening the doors
    • 5 levels of humidity so crisp foods stay crisp, and moist foods stay moist
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  • Cafeteria & Buffet
    Serving Lines

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    Cafeteria & Buffet Serving Lines

    • So easy to customize your Line-Up!
    • Choose either our Elite Stainless Steel line, or Reflections Fiberglass line
    • Over 160 units with countless options available
    • Select your Finish; color, logo/graphics, powder coating, custom laminates, etc.
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  • Combis

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    • Reduced Energy Consumption: lower consumption of energy & water
    • Easy Cleaning System
    • Better Cavity Lighting
    • Retractable Shower & Shut off Valve
    • External Socket for Meat Probes
    • "Touch Screen" Liquid Crystal Display (LED)
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  • Conveyors

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    • Several Conveyor options to choose from
    • Standard features vary, but some include; Variable drive, Pan limit switch, Dry operation, all welded heavy-duty frame, "Air Glide" ride, Stainless Steel frame, PVC rollers or Nylon rollers, Stainless steel bullet feet, Stainless steel "H" frame, Stainless replaceable wear strips
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  • Cook & Hold Ovens

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    Cook & Hold Ovens

    • 90% Radiant & 10% Convection reduces product shrinkage for a higher yield
    • Natural Browning
    • Slow Roast & Hold, Smoke & Hold, or Bake
    • Digilog Controller for Accuracy
    • Product Probe for Precise, Consistent Results
    • 250°F Field Convertible to 350°F, 208V or 240V Only!
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  • Dispensers

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    • Exterior body sides of 20 ga. Stainless Steel, Tops of 18 ga. Stainless Steel
    • Self-leveling & adjustable suspension systems
    • 120V or 208V heating systems with on/off switch, pilot light & adjustable thermostat
    • 4" heavy duty casters or adjustable legs
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  • Drop-Ins

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    • Install smoothly, integrate seamlessly
    • Deliver years of reliable trouble-free performance
    • Offer hot, cold, air-curtain, hot/cold combinations & multiple units
    • Compliance with sanitation standards, including NSF-7
    • Superior materials & manufacturing
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  • Merchandisers

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    • Berkeley Series, Built-In and Portable Hotplates perfect for displaying hot foods in/on serving counters
    • OTR (Omnitop Cold) Refrigerated Merchandising Cabinets & the OTH (Omnitop Hot) Heated Merchandising Cabinets both provide self-service to customers with refrigeration & heating systems engineered to hold cold & hot foods at temps in accordance with the latest food safety standards
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  • Oven Proofer Combos

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    Oven Proofer Combos

    • Natural Convection Oven/Proofers great for breads, pizza, rolls & muffins
    • Individual heat & humidity controls provide precise control over heating & the proofing environment
    • Full-view, heat reflective glass doors allows for energy-efficient sight baking & merchandising
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  • Ovens

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    • No blowing fans: product is baked by radiant heat and conduction,
    • Stainless steel construction easily cleaned & maintained
    • Full-view, heat-reflective tempered glass door allows for energy-efficient sight baking
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  • Proofers

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    • Individual heat & humidity Controls & high volume Circulating Blower
    • Heavy-duty Casters & fully welded Coated Steel Frame
    • Fully insulated, holds maximum temp of 225°F, maintains back-up product for display, separate humidity control
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  • Racks

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    • Superior engineered Bases give Piper Racks the strongest foundation in the industry
    • Sturdy Tray Supports give reliable performance
    • Continuous Weld allows for extra strength
    • Heavy Duty Casters & Tie Bars for added rigidity
    • Durable Corner Supports are all fully welded
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  • Steam Tables

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    Design Basics Steam Tables

    • Hot Food Tables are constructed of stainless steel tops, bodies, legs & base
    • Cold Food Tables are ice cooled & constructed of stainless steel
    • Solid Top Units are great for serving & merchandising food products
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  • Support Equipment

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    Support Equipment

    • Mobile Ingredient Bins
    • Tray, Cup or Glass Rack Carts
    • Slicer Table and Mixer Stand
    • Utility Delivery Carts
    • Storage Cabinets
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